Following labour mobility provisions under the Agreement of the Internal Trade, the Principles and Best Practice Checklist is meant to identify and guide best practices and permissible requirements for regulatory authorities when certifying workers currently certified in another Canadian province or territory. To access this tool please click here: “Checklist

"Since revising the labour mobility chapter of the Agreement on Internal Trade five years ago, significant progress on labour moblity across Canada has been made"-Labour Market Ministers, July 2014 

To learn more on the important progress, please read Labour Mobility at Work: Five Years of Progress and Success.

In signing the Agreement on Internal Trade (AIT), in 1994, federal, provincial and territorial governments agreed to eliminate unnecessary inter-provincial barriers to the free movement of workers, goods, services and investments.

Chapter 7 of the AIT is the agreement to achieve full labour mobility for workers in regulated occupations (trades and professions) in Canada.

A national co-operative process, led by the Labour Mobility Coordinating Group (LMCG), is in place and governments, regulatory bodies and other stakeholders are working to ensure certified workers are recognized across provinces and territories and common inter-provincial/territorial standards are adopted where possible and practical.

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